RAU’s Publishing House



RAU’s Publishing House is a structural subdivision of the Interstate Higher Educational Institution "Russian-Armenian University", acting on the basis of the RAU Charter and the “Regulations on the RAU Publishing House”. RAU’s Publishing House is a specialized enterprise which is engaged in the preparation and publication of various literature, products of which can be reproduced and distributed. Distribution of publishing products can be carried out through diverse channels, for instance via the Internet, as well as directly by the publishers. Distribution can be either paid or free of charge, depending on the aims of the publishing houses and its main activities.

RAU’s Publishing House has been fully functioning since 2002. It has been the true calling card of the university. Since that period, it has published articles in the following areas:

  • "Culture, Art, Literature"
  • "Journalism"
  • Scientific and scientific-methodological literature;
  • Educational and methodical literature;

In addition, RAU’s Publishing House has been a member of the National Publishers Association of the Republic of Armenia and it closely cooperates with similar institutions of Armenia. The participation of RAU’s Publishing House in all events organized by these institutions is mandatory, including various exhibitions, seminars, Poetry days, Translator days, international EXPO exhibitions, etc.